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Monday, December 16, 2013

Muffins with Mom – Holiday Habits

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Guess what? It’s National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, December 16th. Chocolate lovers everywhere have an excuse to indulge in anything chocolate covered. Instead of having a simple muffin today, join me for a special chocolate treat. I’m having chocolate covered strawberries, and maybe a mini muffin.

As I savor the flavor of sweet strawberry with a dip of chocolate, I am reminded of a few holiday habits that my boys engage in. A package arrived the other day, a Christmas gift for the boys. It was neatly wrapped in brown paper and a generous amount of packaging tape. This didn’t stop them from taking turns shaking the gift.

“Can we open this now?” one son asked.
With a scowl on my face and base in my voice, the answer was resounding, “NO.”

This was only one of their habits…to shake gifts and try to identify the contents. Another one of the boys’ habits consists of helping to hang candy canes on our Christmas tree, then eating them daily until gone. Leaving none for our Christmas dinner guests.
Only a single candy cane left.
This year we decided to create a few new holiday habits, below is our list.

1.      Each family member has to come up with a healthy meal idea to try over the holiday.

2.      Select an activity to do together that will get us up and active. One of the ideas is to go roller skating.

3.      Dedicate a day during the holiday as Random Act of Kindness Day.

Are there any holiday habits that you would like to change or add to your traditions? Don't forget to enjoy a bite of chocolate covered something.
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