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Friday, December 6, 2013

Mind boggling fun – How many words can you create in three minutes?

It began as a typical family game night at my house, but soon turned competitive. We hadn’t played Boggle in years and decided to pull it from the back of the closet. Once we familiarized ourselves with the rules again, the game was on.
As my son shook the letter container, his brother made a comment, “Why are you shaking the letters so aggressively?”

“To make sure the letters are mixed well,” came the reply.
As the game continued, my aggressive son even made up words that only existed to him. No worries. After we scowled at him, the words were crossed off his list.

Here’s how the game is played. Players have three minutes to create as many words as possible. If you have the same word as another player, you must cross it off your list. Words can only be made using letters near each other. You can look up, down, side by side and diagonal.
Give it a try. Set a timer and see how many words you can make using the letters in the photo above. Here an example – lot (do you see it). Leave a comment and indicate the number of words you made.

Don’t look yet, but below are the words I came up with. If you have any of these words cross them off your list.
Have fun with it!

Do you have a favorite family game?

My word list

1.      Lot                                           14.       ate

2.      Pee                                          15.       seal

3.      Lose                                         16.       rest

4.      Sat                                           17.       toe

5.      Real                                         18.       lose

6.      Seat

7.      Rat

8.      Tar

9.      Seam

10.  Lost

11.  Post

12.  Eat

13.  tea



  1. there is a similar game to this one in yahoo messenger's game section. it is pretty nice.

  2. Thanks George, I'll have to check out that site.