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Monday, June 5, 2017

Muffins with Mom – The new normal- 5 Tips to ease the transition

The morning of his high school graduation, I snapped a picture of my sleeping son. It was the beginning and end of a journey. The day flew by with preparations for the soon to be graduate. A yard sign was staked in a corner of our front lawn – 2017 graduate lives here. A banner was draped above our garage, announcing congratulations to the graduate.

Inside the house, my son secured the graduation cap on top of his hairstyle of braided dreadlocks. The blue and white tassel dangled from the side of cap. Four years of high school athletic events, parent-teacher conferences and homework hurdles. And that’s just the parenting side.

Changes occur in our lives, causing us to readjust…to a new normal. The things that were once routine have changed, the people in our lives may have changed, job loss may have occurred or your children move away. My son graduated from high school and will attend college away from home. Both of us will experience a new normal.

My new normal will be that of an empty nester. My son’s new normal will involve adjusting to life away from home. When you move into a new state of normal, embrace it, consider it a change in seasons. Below are five tips to help ease your transition into a new normal.

1.      Start a new hobby
2.      Surround yourself with friends and family
3.      Volunteer
4.      Schedule a date with yourself every month-go out for an ice cream sundae; take an art class; change your hairstyle
5.      Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but never made time for it

Have you experienced a New Normal? When it happens will you be prepared? Life happens, embrace it.


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