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Monday, February 27, 2017

Muffins with Mom – 5 Ways to celebrate your birthday

Do you celebrate your birthday in the same manner every year? Time to do something differently. First let me tell you how my boys helped celebrate my recent birthday.

It was the end of my day of birth. I had spent the evening with friends at a local theater watching a play. As I arrived home, I pulled into the driveway and noticed the lights on in each of my son’s bedrooms. By the time I entered the house, everything was quiet and still, no lights on.

As I dragged myself up the stairs to my bedroom, my boys jumped out of the dark and yelled, “Happy birthday.” They threw things in the air at me. It wasn’t confetti, nor was it rice. There were hand towels sailing toward my head. I said, “Thanks…I think.”

Did I say my boys are 17 and 20 years old? Yeah, they didn’t think that surprise plan through. I think one son just grabbed nearby items to use as…confetti? Hence the clean flying laundry.

When I finally made it to my room there was a card, an original poem written by my son, and one of my favorite candies – SweetTarts. It was a sweet end to the day of my birth and the beginning of my week long celebration.

Have you made plans for your upcoming birthday? Below are five ways you can celebrate.
·         Be a grown up kid – is there something you loved to do as a kid, or something you haven’t done in a long time? Do it now. I grabbed my boys and said, “Let’s play a round of Laser Tag.”

·         Eat your favorite food – this may mean relaxing your high nutritional standards and indulging in a sweet treat, pasta, or bread (oh wait, maybe this just applies to me).

·         Learn something new – take an art class, go zip lining, do something out of the ordinary for you.

·         Spend the day doing something you love or hang out with the people you love.

·         Pamper yourself – treat yourself to a spa day or make it an outing with friends.

It has been said that adventure is the spice of life. Be spontaneous for your upcoming birthday, make it a celebration to remember.

What would you add to the list of ways to celebrate a birthday?

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