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Monday, January 23, 2017

Muffins with Mom – The language barrier

photo credit: Australian Catholic University

My teen son speaks a second language fluently, it’s called gibberish, or nonsense. It has occurred to me that whenever my son is asked to do something that he doesn’t want to do, he launches into his created language.

The other day after dinner, I told me son I needed him to wash the dishes. His response was, “I don’t understand your language.”

Fortunately for my son, when I reminded him that he would need gas money, the language barrier momentarily subsided. He said, “I need to study for my final exam first.” I think my son is studying to be a negotiator.

“Okay, go ahead and study first, but then I need you to take out the trash, fold your clothes and work on college plans.”

The language barrier returned, “Idon’tunderstandyourlanguage.”

Teens understand and hear what they want, at a time that is convenient for them. My son eventually completed the things that were asked of him, then returned to me saying, “Ma, can I have that gas money now?”

I looked at him with a glazed look in my eyes and said, “I don’t understand your language.”

Have you ever experienced a language barrier with your child?

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