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Thursday, December 8, 2016

National Brownie Day

Applebee's Brownie

Do you need a reason to indulge in a decadent treat? It’s National Brownie Day – celebrated December 8th. In honor of this special occasion you could host a party at home or bring delight to those at work place. Offer trivia on the history of brownies.

Did you know that there are three beliefs about how brownies came into existence?
-a cook forgot to add flour to the batter
-a chef accidentally added melted chocolate to biscuit dough
-a housewife didn’t have baking powder so she improvised with the recipe.

Now that you have a bit of history you are almost ready to celebrate. Get out your favorite brownie recipe or try one of the recipes below. 

Cheesecake Brownie recipe

Mint Brownie recipe

Grab a glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream to accompany your brownie and enjoy.

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