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Monday, November 14, 2016

Muffins with Mom – 7 Mother/Son Bonding Activities

Mother & Son Dance - Laser Lights
It was the end of high school football season and my son was not playing a second sport this time. This left him free to help me with a work activity. It was early in the week when I asked, “Hey do you want to volunteer at my Mother & Son dance at work? There will be other high school students helping.”

“I guess, if you really need me.”

My son worked the dance with me. I didn’t know it would be that easy to get him to do it. It’s never that easy. He actually got out onto the dance floor when the Wobble (hip hop dance) blasted through the speakers. We danced side by side as he asked me, “What do you know about that song?”

We leaned and rocked along with the other Moms and sons until the end of the song. Then I sent my son back to his volunteer duties. The dance was a time for mothers or mother figures to bond with their young man. If you’re looking for bonding experiences with your little guy, below are some suggestions.

1.      Volunteer together – this time for my son and I the mother/son dance was a chance for us spend time together. When my boys were younger, we delivered meals on wheels to homebound senior citizens on Christmas. They still talk about that experience that was over seven years ago.

2.      Visit a museum or aquarium

3.      Play a video game

4. Go on a hike

5.      Attend a sporting event – the options are many in this area. You can attend a little league event, catch a college game or even a professional game in your area. My younger son and I took a road trip an hour away to watch his brother play basketball. This gave us one on one time together.

6.      Read – select an interactive book and act out parts as you read.

7.      Watch a movie

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