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Monday, August 29, 2016

Muffins with Mom - 10 things I wish I knew about parenting before I became one

As I pondered what to write for today’s blog post, I came across this one that I posted a few years ago. The information is still relevant and may be new to some readers.
I’m pretty sure I’m missing some pages to the proverbial parenting manual. It must be the pages that answer the “why” questions. As I was giving my teen son his chore list I became tired of responding as he kept asking me why. “Why do I have to clean up? Why does the house always have to be clean?”

I searched my bookshelf for a parenting manual that would tell me why...why my son had to keep asking why. There was no such thing in existence (not in my house anyway). My sons’ questions caused me to ponder the many things I wish I knew before I became a parent. Here is my list.

10  - kids do not listen the first time you tell them to do something.

9 -  Kids favorite words are: I want, I need, can I have. These words especially ring true when you’re shopping with kids.

8 – Kids will embarrass you when you least expect it. A friend once told me that when her daughter was in preschool, the teacher asked the kids about their parent’s careers. Her daughter said, “My dad just sits on the couch and drinks beer.”

7 – If you have boys, “potty training” never ends. If only my bathroom floors could talk.

6 – Kids will test your patience…a lot. Choose your battles wisely.

5- Parenting requires being organized or at least being able to coordinate things. When the kids are little you have to remember the diaper bag, toys, play dates and so on. As they become school age, you have to coordinate their activity schedule with yours.

4 – You can skip buying expensive toys for your toddler; they would rather play with the box the toy came in.

3 – Once kids learn to talk, they never stop. When they’re teens, they try to talk back.

2 – Kids grow up fast. This is not just a saying, it’s true. My youngest son is a high school senior…already. I feel like I only have a few months left to prepare him for the next stage of life. What have I been doing for the past 17 years???

1 – Parenting should be rated PG for prayer guidance suggested. Somewhere along the way you will need prayer, either for yourself or the kids.

So what have I learned about parenting over the past 19 years? You never stop learning. I love my kids and everyday is a new adventure. What would you include in your top 10 list of things you wish you knew about parenting before you became a parent?

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