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Friday, July 29, 2016

Fun Friday – Getting what you want

My magical shirt attracted famous people - author Lisa Wheeler and Professor Beth Myers
Have you ever said to your child, “you can’t have everything you want?” Or “You don’t need that.” I am learning that sometimes you have to take your own advice. My words came back to bite at a writer’s conference.

As I perused items at the bookstore, I picked up a couple of books by authors I’d met, then I spotted something else that called my name. Lying there neatly displayed on a table was a t-shirt lettered with the name of the conference.

The shirt was soft to the touch. It appealed to me because I believed that if I wore it, when I sat down to write, words would just flow form my head. It was to be my motivation when I was in a writing funk.

I held the shirt in the air with outstretched arms. It looked slightly smaller than my size. I looked at the label in the neck of the shirt and it said XL. I bought the shirt.

When I got home, I pulled myself into the shirt, poking my head through the neckline like a turtle, jamming my arm through one sleeve, then the other. I took the shirt off and looked at label again, it still said XL.

My conclusion was that the XL must have stood for “xtra little”.  I wore the shirt anyway. As long as I sit up straight with my back arched, tummy sucked in, and neck held high, the shirt fits perfectly.

Three years later, I still wear the magical shirt as part of my uniform when working on a special writing project. It has no powers, it fits okay, but I wanted so and I got it. Snug fit and all. Just because we want something doesn’t mean we have to always have it.

...and from the right angle, the shirt appears to fit.
What happens when you get what you want and more?

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