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Monday, February 1, 2016

Muffins with Mom – The note – interacting with a teen

A teen interacting with friends via a video game
I lay nuzzled under several layers of blankets, breathing evenly and dreaming. My sleep was interrupted by a raspy voice, “Ma, sign this.” The sound came from the body of my teen son, somewhere in my dark bedroom.
The only thing I could see were the illuminated numbers on my digital alarm clock. I moaned and rolled over as my son turned on the bedside lamp. The raspy sound got louder, “MA, sign this.”
I blinked away the fairy dust from one eye and managed to separate the bottom and top eyelids of the other eye. An ink pen was placed in my hand and I pulled my body up to a sitting position. “What am I signing?”
“It’s something for school.”
A few of the words on the page came into focus – “agreement” “lab” “appropriate use.” It was a document for parent and student to sign agreeing to the rules of the science lab. I think.  I signed on the appropriate line and went back to sleep.
The next morning I flicked on the light in my son’s room and rummaged through his belongings to find the document I signed. I had to be sure I had not signed my rights away to something my son would not be able to fulfill.
After I re-read the note, I was satisfied that both my son and I could live up to the guidelines listed. This was not the first time my son has given me a not in a haphazard manner. Sometimes he has been known to tell me on his way out the door, that he needs something signed.
I’m okay with my son visiting me in the middle of the night after I have snuggled under the covers for a peaceful slumber. However, when I awake at 5:30am, I will visit him as well.
Teens seem to have a unique way of sharing information. Their sense of timing and preparation leave something to be desired. What unique situation have you experienced with your child lately?

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