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Monday, September 21, 2015

Muffins with Mom – 5 Things to avoid when parenting a teen (as told by a teen)

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Often teens feel like their voice is not heard, so today, one teen has a chance to express his thoughts, my son. When I asked my son for ideas of things parent should avoid when parenting teens he said, “I don’t know Ma.”

When I leaned in two inches from my sons face to give him a kiss he said, “Ok, that’s annoying.”
“I guess you do have a few ideas,” I said.

Since I know my son pretty well, I came up with a few of the ideas below and my son gave his stamp of approval.

5 Things to avoid when parenting a teen…

1.     No hugs in public
2.      Don’t attempt to be overly cool, especially around your teens friends
3.      Don’t attempt to hold an important conversation with your teen while he is texting
4.      Entering your teens bedroom without knocking is a no, no (even though you pay all the bills)
5.      Don’t forget to hug your teen…even if he doesn’t want you to ( a tip from mom)

What tips do you have for parenting a teen?

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  1. I am just entering the teen years myself- 1st of 6. I will definitely be following for tips! :)