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Monday, July 13, 2015

Muffins with Mom – The Curfew

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Rules exist for a reason, they help establish expectations. Some rules are in place to help keep us safe. In our house, a curfew is in place for my teen boys. In a recent situation the tables were turned on our curfew expectation.

It was a warm Friday evening as I sat at a picnic table in the park waiting for the concert to begin. The summer breeze was refreshing and even though I was working, this was one of the fun aspects of my job.  

This was a Friday night that my teen boys each had their own plans. One was at work, while the other was on a date. Toward the end of the concert, my fifteen-year-old texted me from the movie theater and said, “Text me when you get home.”

Of course I asked, “Why?”

“So that I know you are safe,” he replied.

I felt warm fuzzies, awww, he’s concerned about his Mama. Then came the next text, “And don’t have friends over. Just so you know, your curfew is 9:00pm.”

My son must have thought our situation was like the Disney movie Freaky Friday where the parent and child switched places. I humored him and sent a text about 9:30pm letting him know I was home.
The ironic thing is that my son has trouble making it home by curfew, but he wants to demand that I follow the rules. I should have asked what my punishment would be. Maybe he would have sent me to my room and taken away my phone.

Confined to my room, I would have been bored with nothing to do (NOT). I would have been left to read a good book or actually work on a writing project. Next time I’ll have to break curfew on purpose…just to have a few minutes to myself.

Rules exist for a reason. What has been your experience with a curfew?

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