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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words of Wisdom - Be Encouraged

YouTube Video credit: LancieW

Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone
By Arlene R. Wright 

Is this a stumbling block or a stepping stone?
Only you can decide.
You don't need to stumble or fall,
With Jesus at your side.

They come in many different forms.
Heartaches, troubles. and loss.
But Jesus showed His love for you.
When He died upon the Cross.

God's word tells us when we are tried,
More than we can bear,
He'll provide a way to escape,
There's a crown for us to wear.

No one could ever make it alone,
On our strength alone we'll fall
But our God is there to help us
If on His name we'll call.

There is no shortage of His power.
He's Master and Ruler of all.
He has plenty of grace for you,
He's listening for your call.

It doesn't matter how big the stone,
Or how small that it may be.
We're safe if we lean upon,
The Man of Galilee.

So Friend, when you've been tried,
Don't feel you're all alone.
Don't let it be a stumbling block,
But make it a STEEPING STONE.


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