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Monday, May 4, 2015

Muffins with Mom – The Reunion – when a son comes home

It was the wee hours of the morning when my fifteen-year-old came into my darkened bedroom and flipped on the light. He said, “Look, Ma.” All I could do was grunt and squeeze my eyes tighter in reaction to the burst of light.
The next voice I heard was that of my other son, the college freshmen, home from school. He stood over me and said, “Ma.” Once the bright light was turned off, I could see the silhouette of my son. Still not coherent, I opened one eye and said, “Hey, grasshopper.” It was my pet name for my son with the long legs and torso.
I squinted to see my clock, the red numbers displayed, 3:12am. Too early to get up.
When I finally rolled out of bed at 6am, lights were on everywhere, the hall, and both boy’s bedrooms. I followed the sound of music through the kitchen and into the basement. This is where I found both boys lifting weights.
My son looked up at me, not from the cradle of my arms as when he was a baby, but from a prone position on the weight bench. I looked down at him and spoke first, “You’ve got a lot of hair.”
My son responded with, “You got a lot of gray.”
If he was still getting an allowance I would take it away from him. However, due to the fact the tuition has to be paid, a regular allowance has been suspended indefinitely. My solution for my quick witted son is to assign chores since he is back home.
My fifteen-year-old has already indicated that he is ready to pass the baton for doing chores. Just last week he said he couldn’t wait for his brother to get home so he can share the chores. I find that remark rather ironic, since he was barely completing his chores.
Now that the boys are reunited for the summer they can duke it out negotiate who will complete which chores. They were excited to see each other on that first day home from college, the reunion was like Christmas morning. There were, jokes, laughter and brotherly love.
For me…I did manage to squeeze in a hug after my son’s comment about my gray hair.
 A full head of hair then and now (above right) 
Have you had any reunions lately?


  1. Ahhh. This post is so sweet and heartwarming. My daughter came home so often during her freshman year that her homecomings weren't nearly this sweet. Now that she has a cat, we're all super excited about seeing him instead. ...not that we don't love the child, too. We're just used to her more so than the cat. ;-)

    1. Linda, it's heartwarming to welcome everyone come home...even the cat (-: