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Friday, May 15, 2015

Fun Friday – What allergy season means to a teen

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We’re in the midst of allergy season, I heard the TV newscaster confirm it. Blooming, budding, pollen is in the air. These things have a tendency to affect the normal operation of my nasal passages. However, this is not what allergy season means to my teen boys.
Outdoor allergens don’t bother my boys. It’s things on the inside of the house that cause their noses to flare and their eyes to water. My teens are fictitously allergic to many things, which include:
·         Sorting laundry

·         Folding laundry

·         Unloading and reloading the dishwasher

·         Other (any other chore I may have forgotten)
When asked to complete any of the above tasks, I can see the pain in the eyes of my boys. They become instantly distraught, shame on me for asking them such things (sarcasm). During this season of allergy, the boys cope by hurrying through their tasks.
I know I am not alone in this situation of pseudo allergies and teens not wanting to do house work. A friend shared with me that her teen son was so agitated about cutting the grass that he just rushed through it. When her son came inside from cutting the grass, she asked, “Did you cut the grass in a Sudoku pattern?”
My friend ended up with a unique pattern throughout her lawn. I ended up with a heap of laundry and dishes that needed to be returned to their proper resting places. For a teenage, allergy season means trying to avoid chores.
What my teens are learning, is that seasons change. There will come a time that it will be allergy season for me. When it happens, my season of allergic reactions will include:
·         Driving a teen to the store for frivolous things

·         Buying that requested pizza

·         Giving an allowance
Allergy season with a teen (fictitous or real) can be challenging, but with tender loving care everyone comes out okay.
Have you ever experienced a teen who treats doing chores like an allergic reaction?

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