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Friday, May 1, 2015

Fun Friday – Funny friends – keeping things in perspective


When you tire of laughing at yourself, there’s always a friend nearby to take over and share something funny. Below are stories that were shared with me recently.
The Birthday
A friend recently celebrated her birthday 40 something birthday. On the morning of my friend’s birthday, her twelve year old daughter burst into her bedroom.
“Guess who’s turning 45?” her daughter said.
“Not me,” my friend said. “I’m 44.”
“Mom, I thought you were 45. I guess I messed that one up.”
“Yes, you did. You can run back over to the door and start over.” 

Dining Out
My friend treated herself to dinner out after a long day at work. As she was being seated the host asked, “How many in your party?”
“Just me,” My friend said.
Moments later the waitress came over and asked, “Will anyone be joining you?”
“JUST ME,” my friend repeated.
By this time my friend was ready to forget everything and just relax and have her meal. As she waited for her meal, she overheard the conversation of a father and son at a nearby table.
The father asked his son, “What was the best part of your day at school?”
The son said, “Leaving.” 

The all you can eat buffet
While my friend was dining at an all you can eat buffet, her companion said, “What’s the rule for taking food home?”
My friend watched as her companion began to pack away a large amount of food. “I don’t think you’re supposed to take quite that much food. A buffet is all you can eat while you’re here, not for the next month.” 

What funny stories have you heard lately?

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