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Monday, February 9, 2015

Muffins with Mom – Don’t cry over spilled milk

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Have you ever used the phrase, Don’t cry over spilled milk? This is an age old proverb said to have come from a European fairy tale. The idea was that fairies would drink the spilled milk, which was one of their favorite foods, therefore the loss was insignificant. In essence, don’t stress over little mistakes.
Don’t cry over spilled milk is celebrated as a holiday on February 11th each year. This holiday celebrates the ability to remain optimistic through obstacles and failures in life.
I listened to a story recently of a little girl who was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease. As the girl’s mom told the story of ten year old Jessie my heart melted. It was about a year ago when the family found out about Jessie’s diagnosis. And that was when they began to celebrate her life with cherished moments.
I could hear the smile in Jessie’s mom’s voice as she proudly spoke of Jessie’s courage. It is because of Jessie’s strength that her mom is able to be encouraged. She said that that Jessie has helped to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation as well as lead other events at school.
Sometimes, listening to another person’s story can make one realize that life is not always just about us.
How will you celebrate Don’t cry over spilled milk day? Do something for someone else.

NOTE: Jessie is not the real name of the young girl referred to in this post.


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