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Friday, February 27, 2015

Fun Friday – March is National Reading Month

Do you read more than one book at once?
The month of March is celebrated as National Reading Month. Schools and libraries sometimes kick off their celebration with an event recognizing Dr. Seuss’s birthday (March 2nd). Last year the children I worked with made green eggs and ham and read their favorite Dr. Seuss books.
National Reading Month can be fun for grown-up as well as children. If you love to read, but can never seem to find the time…here’s your chance. Grab a book by your favorite author or choose a book by a new author you’ve wanted to read.
What are your reading habits like? I’m joining fellow blogger (Sherry Ellis) by answering questions about my reading habits. Here are the questions and my answers to them? Feel free to respond to the questions and also answer them in a blog post on your site (consider yourself tagged).
1.      Do you have a place at home for reading?
My favorite spot is stretched out on the couch with a blanket thrown across my legs.

2.      Book mark or random piece of paper?
I love decorative bookmarks, but I can never seem to keep up with them. So random pieces of paper end up between the bindings of my books.

3.      Can you stop reading at any time or do you have to stop at a certain page, chapter, part etc.
It would be nice to spot at the end of a chapter, but that is rare. Instead, I often stop reading abruptly to do something else.

4.      Do you eat or drink while reading?
Eating while reading is out of the questions for me, it can get messy. I’ll sometimes drink while reading, but I’m very careful.

5.      Can you read while listening to music or watching TV?
Sometimes I’ll have the TV volume low while reading, but I don’t usually listen to music. Music may cause me to jump up and start dancing around the room.

6.      One book or several at once?
Several. I like variety.

7.      Reading at home or everywhere?
Everywhere…grocery lines, sitting in the car, waiting to pick up my son from school.

8.      Reading out loud or silently in my head?
Silent reading works best unless I’m reading a picture book that I’m analyzing.

9.      Do you read ahead or skip pages?
No, I like the suspense of waiting to see what will happen.

10.  Breaking the spine of keeping it new?
Keeping it new.

11.  Do you write in books?
Yes. I make notes in the margins and underline words/sentences that I like.

How will you celebrate National Reading Month? What are your reading habits?

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