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Monday, August 18, 2014

Muffins with Mom – Dreadlocks and Mama Bear

Once upon a time in a two storied house in a small subdivision near a forest, lived Dreadlocks and his Mama Bear. And thus begins my story of living with a teen bear aka-Dreadlocks (because of his hair style).
One Saturday morning I arose to a quiet house and decided to take advantage of the silence. I headed to the kitchen for a cup of java coffee. As I flipped on the light switch, my breath caught in my throat.

“Somebody’s been in my kitchen and left scraps of food and dirty dishes everywhere,” I screamed.

I knew Goldilocks couldn’t be the culprit because no one fitting her description lived in my area. I rushed from the kitchen and headed straight for Dreadlocks room. As I pushed open the bedroom door, I froze in my tracks.

“Somebody’s been in my son’s room and threw his clothes all over the floor,” I said.
I slammed the door and left with a quickness.

As I entered the next bedroom, there was Dreadlocks, fast asleep in his brother’s room. I tried to wake him, but all I got was a grumpy, grizzly, “mmmmmm.” He turned over, causing locks to sprawl across his pillow.
I wanted to pound my chest like King Kong, but instead I pried Dreadlocks’ head from the pillow. He rolled to a standing position and followed me through the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, Dreadlocks dragged around at a snail’s pace, wiping counters and washing dishes. When he was done, I sent him back to bed. It was still early morning and just enough time for me to watch the sunrise while sipping a cup of coffee and writing in my journal.
We’re still working toward happily ever after, but for now Dreadlocks and Mama Bear have an understanding of the household expectations.

What do you do when your loveable baby bears are being uncooperative or not following directions?

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