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Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun Friday – 7 ways to celebrate Father’s Day

Father and son watching a game together

Father’s Day is just a blink away. Now is a great time to come up with a fun way to celebrate the “dad” in your life. Of course this includes hubbies, brothers, uncles, like a father figure and so on.
Are you looking to do something different for Father’s Day this year? Check out the list below of ways to celebrate:

1.      Play putt-putt golf

2.      Go bowling

3.      Build something – a bird house, or a Lego construction project

4.      Have family barbecue…that dad doesn’t have to be in charge of

5.      Go fishing

6.      Let dad have control of the TV remote for the day

7.      Create a funny video or just watch something funny together


8.      Do whatever makes you happy
Take a look at how a few dads humorously celebrate being a day.


How do you celebrate Father’s Day?


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