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Monday, November 18, 2013

Muffins with Mom – A child experiences an epiphany

Photo credit: www.browneybaker.com

Every Monday at my job we have what I call Muffin Monday. During our weekly community meeting we have the delectable delights of donuts and muffins. There is always one chocolate muffin waiting for me.
Sitting down with a satisfying treat can be comforting and relaxing, just like reading a good story. Today I would like to figuratively share a muffin with you as I tell a tale of my teen boys’ latest episode.

While visiting a friend of a friend, my teen boys and I drove through a “nice” neighborhood. As we pulled into the driveway of the person we were visiting, my younger son said, “are they rich?”
Once inside the house, my son was still in awe of the things he saw – a screened in porch, a winding staircase and a full basement that was set up like a man cave.

“Wow, they have a lot of stuff. Everything looks good.”
I proceeded to explain my theory. “They’ve worked hard over the years, budgeted their money and here they are.”

My older son chimed in, “everything looks good because their house is clean and YOU never clean up at home.”
I didn’t need to say another word. Finally someone else understood my pain. My son experienced an epiphany. He had a sudden realization. He realized that sometimes the things I ask him to do have a reason behind them.

Sit down, enjoy a muffin and tell me, what realizations have you or your child experienced lately?


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