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Monday, November 4, 2013

A Wrinkle in Time – a writer’s experience

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It was a calm morning, my kids were nestled under their blankets. Darkness still blanketed the entire house. I tiptoed through the house to my writing spot and turned on a single light. After falling asleep early the night before, I was ready to rise and get a jump on my writing.
My version of a wrinkle in time experience came as I sat staring at a blank computer screen. According to my bedroom clock, it was 4:30 am when I attempted to start my project. After about an hour I had only typed a paragraph and written a few outline notes.

I decided to take a break from writing and do a little reading. After a short while, I looked at the small clock in corner of my computer screen. The numbers showed 4:30am; time had stood still. No. It was day light savings time and I had forgotten to set my clock back before I went to bed.

Surely with time on my side now, I would get lot accomplished. Hmmm. I had good intensions, but decided to crawl back under the covers and wait for daybreak. The wrinkles in my covers had a stronger call than the wrinkle in time I had been given.

The project I was working on was eventually started, after I got up for the second time. Although I did not write the entire time of the extra hour I had, I was satisfied to have a jump start on my project.

What encounters have you experienced when given extra time to get something done?

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