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Monday, February 13, 2017

The 2nd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest!

Sponsored by Susanna Leonard Hill
For the contest, this children’s story must be 214 words or less and include a character who is confused. Thanks Susanna for this opportunity.

Valentine Porchetta
213 words

Pork Chop was a plump pig who loved picnics.

Mr. Fox invited her to a Porchetta for Valentine’s Day. It was the biggest pig roast celebration of the year.

Pork Chop snorted her snout and squealed with delight. Only two days to decide what to cook.

“What should I bring to the picnic?” Pork Chop asked Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox was a sly rascal. He smacked his lips at the thought of a juicy chop.

“Bring something yummy.”

Pork Chop trotted home to prepare her favorite picnic foods.

The next day she met Mr. Fox under the sycamore tree with a plate of piping hot pigs in a blanket.

Mr. Fox stuck his claw into one of the wieners, “Mmmmmm, delightful, but how about something bigger?”

Back in her kitchen, Pork Chop, stirred, mixed and baked. She met Mr. Fox at the Porchetta. The grill was sizzling.

 “We’ll I’ll be hog tied,” said Pork Chop. “You invited me to your pig roast to make me the main course.”

Mr. Fox inched closer to Pork Chop, but she put her hoofs in the air.

“I have the swine flu, you can’t eat me. Try this.”

Pork Chop shoved a giant, gooey heart shaped cookie into Mr. Fox’s paws.”
It was love at first bite.


  1. Haha, nice job! Made me smile! Especially the ending! :) Good luck!

  2. I'm glad Pork Chop wised up in time! Fun Valentiny entry!

  3. Now that's a smart little porker! Glad she helped Mr. Fox figure out he had a sweet tooth instead of a craving for carnitas! Good luck in the competition!

  4. I'm glad Pork Chop got off the menu. Good luck!

    1. Gregory...lol. Pork Chop survived.

  5. Cute and enjoyable story! I wish you well with it.

  6. Mr. Fox was outfoxed! "Swine flu" made me giggle. Well done!

  7. Being as how I'm a vegetarian, I was so happy to hear that Mr. Fox fell for Pig's Valentine cookies! A sweet change of heart. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jill, even Mr. Fox needs a friend.

  8. Ooh! Narrow escape for Pork Chop! Methinks she might have cottoned on a bit sooner! Luckily she was prepared with delicious cookies :) Thanks so much for joining in the Valentiny fun, Angela!

    1. Thanks Susanna. I had fun with the contest, glad I joined (-: