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Friday, November 25, 2016

Fun Friday – Surprise guest

It was a chilly fall evening when I slipped into my fleece pajamas and fuzzy socks. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail secured with a hair clip, and covered with a bonnet. I was the spitting image of Little Red Riding hood’s Grandma…except with a tan. My teen son decided to bring company home, unexpected.

The house was dark as I began to descend the stairway from my bedroom. I was halfway down the stairs when I heard the front door open and my son said, “Ma, I brought company home.” At the same time, he flicked the light switch on and said, “Ma this is….”

“Noooo.” I didn’t wait to hear the rest of his introduction as I turned to flee the stairway. “I am not ready to receive company.”

I rushed back to the bedroom, snatched off my bonnet and covered my fleece jammies with a fleece housecoat. My appearance was a far cry from glamorous, but at it least it didn’t look like I’d just crawled out of bed. I reemerged from the bedroom with a smile and greeted our house guest.

After a brief interrogation engagement with our guest, I retreated back to my cozy spot, topped my head with my bonnet and curled up with a book. Sipping Hazelnut coffee and reading, it was easy to drift back into my relaxed state. There would be time later to converse with my son about house rules.

My son obviously didn’t realize there was an unwritten code about bringing guests home. In this day of instant messaging, I should have at least received a text indicating company was on the way. Even a ten minute lead time would have allowed me to give the house a quick glance and shove things in a corner if necessary.

Have you ever had a surprise guest appear at your home? What did you do?

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