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Monday, September 19, 2016

Muffins with Mom – World Gratitude Day

The weather forecast called for a temperature of 84 degrees and lots of sunshine. The radio alarm popped on with the sounds of Kirk Franklin’s I smile, filling the bedroom. I snuggled closer to my pillow for a few more minutes, then rolled out of bed. Thankful for a brand new day.
It’s almost World Gratitude Day, celebrated September 21st. It’s a day designed to show appreciation for things large and small that you are grateful for. Today, I am grateful for yet another year to celebrate my son’s birthday. It has been seventeen years of laughing, crying, praying and celebrations.

I woke my son early to tell him happy birthday and give him a grab bag of goodies. I waited eagerly for him to open his birthday card (actually I’ve waited two weeks to see his expression). It was a car with a photo of a T-Rex dinosaur on the front and the words, I love you this much. As you may know the T-Rex has short arms. The inside of the card explained that the love expressed was more than it appeared.

My son smiled at my sense of humor, but he also smiled at the contents of his card. He tucked that away and we headed to Granny’s house for his lunch outing. Thankful for my mom who is there to pinch hit quite often. I am starting early with my celebration of World Gratitude Day with a few thank yous.

Granny and her grandson

I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful to my blogger friends for stopping by and spending a little time here.
I am thankful for my health.

How will you celebrate World Gratitude Day? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

·         Text, tweet, or e-mail a word of gratitude to a friend.

·         Start a gratitude journal.

·         Reflect on the positive things that have occurred during the past year.

·         Do something nice for someone who cannot repay you. I went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s the other day for an iced tea. As I handed the cashier my money, she said, “The car in front of you already paid. We do drive-thru blessings. Have a great day.”

·         Share a word of thanks with community workers – policeman, fireman, mail carrier, etc.

On World Gratitude Day, begin your day with a smile and a thankful heart for what you have at this moment.
YouTube Video Credit: Kirk Franklin VEVO

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