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Friday, February 19, 2016

Fun Friday – Love Your Pet Day – 3 ways to show love to your pet

Woof, woof…that’s doggie talk for it’s Love Your Pet Day. Whether you have a dog, cat, turtle or some other pet, February 20th is celebrated as Love Your Pet Day. How can you celebrate this holiday? Below are three easy ways to celebrate.

1.      Pampering – show your pet a little extra pampering.
2.      Treats – provide special treats (to eat) for your pet or a new toy.
3.      Playdate – schedule a playdate for your pet

I believe our puppy, Diamond, knew Love your pet day was coming up. She was ready for a pampering day. It happened while I was away at a conference for work. Diamond did something out of the ordinary.

Just as there are boundaries for the kids, the same holds true for our pet. She is not allowed in my bathroom, my son’s room, nor on the couch. My son was in awe when he walked into the room and saw Diamond. He called me and said, “Ma, Diamond is curled up on the couch chillin’. She didn’t even move when she saw me.”

My son thought the sight was quite funny. He would rather see Diamond on the couch rather than snooping around his bedroom. In my absence, I guess Diamond was taking over the house. I told my son that when Diamond can help out a little more around the house, maybe she can sit on the couch. Until then it’s off limits.

Diamond’s real owner, my older teen, needs to visit her and share in the joys of raising a pup. Until then we’ll have to rely on face time to include him in the celebration. As for Diamond’s celebration she seems to like to enjoy lying at my feet under a throw blanket as I work from the desk top computer. So that will be a part of her pampering, as well as a few extra treats.

YouTube Video Credit: Michael Rubino

What ideas do you have for celebrating Love Your Pet Day?

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  1. Schultz gets lots of love all the time. You're right about setting boundaries. I keep trying to explain that to my daughter who just wants to spoil him.