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Friday, December 4, 2015

Fun Friday – The lighter side of parenthood

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As a parent, there is never a dull moment. Some days are more challenging than others. I encourage you to make an effort to uncover the lighter side of challenging situations. Here are a few stories from my tool belt of life situations.

Kids and grades
When you ask your kids about their grades or upcoming tests do they willingly tell you? Mine don’t. The best way to get information from them is to threaten to show up at their school, looking like you just got out of bed. And I sleep with a purple doo rag on my head, tied in the front, looking like Aunt Jemima.

On the drive to school one morning, when my son was in middle school, I asked him what class he was going to have a test in next day. He said, “I don’t know.” So I asked, “Well, what’s going to be on the test?” His response once again was an exasperated, “I don’t know Ma, energy or something.” I said that’s ok I’ll go inside when we get to the school and ask your teacher.

He said, “Nooooo, energy = mass times the weight of….?” So Jr. Einstein did know a little something.

I had to renew my drivers’ license at the Secretary of State office. The clerk had me read an eye chart. She could clearly see that I was wearing glasses, so why put me through the torture of squinting and trying to read those little letters? But she did.

I pressed my forehead against the desk top machine and tried to adjust my eyes in the appropriate lenses (glasses on). The letters were fading in an out and looked like they were floating. I read them aloud very slowly, A….E…no, B. She stopped me and said, “thank you.”

She took out her industrial sized stamper and stamped my paper work. When I looked at the paper, the large red words read, CORRECTIVE LENSES. I could have just told her that I need my glasses to drive.

Weight Challenges
My forty something year old brother maintains a workout regimen in an effort to hold onto his youthful muscular body (hehe-good luck with that one). On his way to the gym one morning, he grabbed his workout shirt from the closet and headed out.

Once at the gym, my brother changed into his workout shirt, a compression shirt. I would consider a compression shirt along the same lines as Spanx for women. He hadn’t worn the shirt in a while and forgot how it fit.

My brother described the scene to me. He popped his head through the neck of the shirt like a turtle, then struggled to push his arms through each hole. He wrestled to pull the rest of the shirt over his chest and stomach.

Finally, the compression shirt was in place and was doing its job…compressing his overflowing areas. Success was achieved, my brother had on his man girdle. I welcomed him to the world trying to camouflage your weight.

What funny situations have you experienced lately?

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