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Friday, December 18, 2015

Fun Friday –Bloopers on the job

Have ever had anything funny happen to you while at work? It happened to me recently and it wasn’t the first time.

Before I begin the story, allow me to give you a little backstory. I have always encouraged my teen boys to take speech classes and to accept speaking roles. “It’s a good way to become comfortable speaking at gatherings,” I told them.

My words of speaking advice for the boys has been threefold…
·         Speak slowly
·         Speak clearly
·         Project your voice

As I made an attempt to follow my own advice, I fell flat. It happened when I was called upon to say a few words at a luncheon. Here’s my story.

Holiday Luncheon
It was our annual Holiday Luncheon for one of our programs at work. There were over 150 people present. Just before lunch was served, my coordinator asked our public officials to greet the crowd. Each person gave a few remarks, then returned to the back of the room, where I also stood.

I had already circulated throughout the room greeting regular members and welcoming new faces. It was not my plan to speak at the mic. However, as soon as I popped a peppermint in my mouth, my coordinator said, “Angie, would you like to say a few words?”

I quickly crunched my peppermint as I walked around the maze of tables to the front of the room. My comments started out with correct grammar, I projected my voice, and then at some point, my tongue got twisted and did a thing of its own.

When trying to say Merry Christmas, it came out Murray Crit Mas. And when I tried to correct myself, I said it the same way again. I explained to the audience that I really did know how to talk, but my tongue was not cooperating at the moment. I wished them a Happy Holiday as they laughed with me.

I had mastered the art of speaking fluent gibberish.
When I told my son about my fumbled speaking moment, he shared an embarrassing moment on his job.

An escalator ride

Going up the down escalator
My teen son, Donovan, is working at a department store for the holiday season. He told me about an episode that happened the other day. He was given the task of returning a few clothing items from one department to another. This required taking an escalator ride.

My son stepped onto the down escalator with his arms loaded with several pair of pants. About four steps down, he looked back and realized that he’d dropped a pair of pants at the top of the escalator.

Donovan turned and attempted to run up the moving steps while they were still moving downward. He said he felt like he was on an elliptical machine just moving, but not going anywhere.

A customer noticed Donovan’s signs of struggle, grabbed the pants from the floor and tossed them to him. He caught the pants, chuckled and said, “thanks.”

What bloopers have you experienced recently?

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