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Monday, October 5, 2015

Muffins with Mom – Little Red Riding Hood: The story of a directionally challenged mom

Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania (photo credit) 

This is not the forest I traveled through, but it's pretty and works for this post.

Little Red Riding Hood may have liked strolling through the forest, but I’ll stick to the paved roads. As I traveled home from a conference the other day, I could have used the company of some of my favorite fictional characters. Little Red, Hansel and Gretel, and Snow White could have given me some pointers with my directional challenges.

The conference was at a location that was tucked away through a forest of trees. The countryside was exhilarating with is winding roads and stoic farm houses. However, the evening journey home from the conference was…um, an adventure.

Somehow when I pulled out of the parking lot of the conference location I turned in the wrong direction. I traveled about three miles in the direction I thought would lead me to the highway. As I drove further, a couple of turkeys along the side of the dirt path I traveled. Not much further, I came upon a group of llama. At least that’s what they looked like from a quick glance.

I called my teen son to ask about setting my GPS. Scrolling through my cell phone, there did not appear to be an app for the GPS. My son tried to coach me through finding the alternate maps icon. I sat at a stop sign at the edge of the forest and Googled my address…the search engine did nothing but spin in circles…no connection.

There was no wood cutter to save me as in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, nor was there a trail of bread crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel. I was like poor Snow White, lost in the woods…until.
Through the clearing of the woods I came upon a cross street I recognized and turned in the direction I thought was home. It wasn’t long before I realized, I was still on the road to nowhere. Another half mile and I looked up and saw a steeple and a cross, I continued in that direction. It was a church.

The sun was sinking behind the clouds as I pulled into the church parking lot. There was one lone car with its headlights on, preparing to exit the lot. I had found my savior. It was not the seven men who rescued Snow White, but a nice elderly couple who directed me to the highway.

As darkness blanketed the sky, I pulled into my driveway safe and sound leaving behind my forest adventure…for now. On my next trip I will travel with a real friend rather than fictional characters.
Have you ever felt directionally challenged? What did you do?

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