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Friday, September 4, 2015

Fun Friday – Family Funnies – The road trip and other tales

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Do you have quirky, crazy family members? Sure you do, whether you admit it or not. That quirky person could be you. In my family sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s my brother. Most recently it was my mother.
It started with a road trip. My mother and brother traveled to the east coast to visit relatives. They packed their suitcases, bagged up snacks and rode off into the sunset. In an attempt to eat healthy, mom packed a variety of fruit – grapes, bananas and apples.
Mom lowered the sun visor as the bright sun beamed through the windshield on her side of the car. Struggling to find comfort, she turned on the air conditioner. The sudden blast of cold air had mom rubbing her eyes.
Not much time passed before mom saw fruit flies swarming before her eyes. Her comment to my brother was, “are those fruit flies coming through the vents?” They both swatted at the annoying flying bugs.
As my brother and mom drover further down the road, they made a discovery. There was a bag of warm fruit in the backseat of the car. That bag was the culprit that caused the fruit fly convention.
My brother wanted to get rid of the fruit one grape at a time out the window. Mom wouldn’t hear of it. The bag was closed tighter and disposed of at the next rest area. 

The Resume
My teen son recently attended a resume writing workshop. The counselor talked with him and asked about his skills, job experience and volunteer roles. The end result was a draft of a resume. However, when I read the resume it didn’t totally sound like the teen who lives with me.
There was a section of my son’s resume that listed “Housekeeping Services.” One of the items listed under that category was, “wash and dry dishes.” When I read that, I looked at my son and said, “Really?  I have to beg you to wash dishes at home and I’ve never seen you dry them."
The next bulleted item said, “Clean and organize rooms, hallways…” I couldn’t even bring myself to form a sentence, all I could blurt out was text language – “OMG, SMH.” My son smiled as I shook my head in dismay.
I know that last bullet point to be partially true. My son will organize and clean a room, it may just take a few days after the request is made, for him to complete it. Needless to say, my son had a working draft of his resume, but it will need to be revamped.
Can you think of a time someone in your family did something wild and crazy?

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