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Friday, April 3, 2015

Fun Friday – What happens when family gets involved in National Humor Month?

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As National Humor Month continues, my whole family seems to want to get in on the fun of laughter. My son called me the other day from college and said, “Ma, guess what? I took my finals early and I can come home Monday.”
“Monday? There’s still three more weeks of school, did you find storage for your big items?” I went on and on. My son assured me that he was taking care of things. Then I had another thought…
“You need to complete the rest of the month at school. I’ve already paid room and board, you need to be there for every meal.” In the middle of my ranting and raving, my son interrupted me and said, “April Fool.”
My son had hooked me and reeled me in, but that’s ok because I paid him back. I told him, “You know that check I sent you, for no reason? There are no funds in the bank to cover it…April Fool.”
Later in the conversation, my son wanted to know if I was getting any income tax money back and if so how much. I said, “Slow down buddy, you’re getting kind of personal.”
His reply was, “If thou doesn’t ask, thou doesn’t know and that’s from the book of…”
I finished his sentence for him, “That was from the book of Fairy Tales, because you just made it up, but good try.”
My other teen son, not wanting to be left out of humor month asked me, “Ma how much are you going to put in to help me get a car?”
I was quick with my reply, “nothing.” I am still trying to recover from the shock that my kids think I have a fountain of money somewhere. This is what happens when family gets involved in Humor Month, they provide tons of situations that provoke laughter.
What stories have caused to laugh lately? 

“A day without laughter is a day wasted,” Charlie Chaplin



  1. The Book of Fairy Tales... good come back. :)

    1. Teens keep you sharp and on your toes (-: