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Friday, March 6, 2015

Feel Good Friday - What I’ve learned about Favor

Have you ever wondered what a person meant when they said someone has the favor of God? One definition I came across explained favor as, “tangible evidence that a person has the approval of the Lord.” Favor is not about having more money or easier circumstances. It’s about enjoying the kindness of God.

 My grandfather was a living example of God’s favor. Here is a peak at a moment in his life. 

It was a cool fall evening as my grandfather, known as Daddy Bob to friends and family, arrived home after running errands. At 91 years old, he was still active. As Daddy Bob walked up the sidewalk to his house he was met by two strange men. Each one pointed a gun at him. One of the men spoke, “We want the car keys and your money.”  

Standing just inside the chain link gate of his front yard, Daddy Bob had to think quickly. He threw the keys to the men. As they turned away, Daddy Bob ran along the side of his house to the backyard, and jumped over the fence. 

He ran through a neighbor’s backyard and across the street to the house my mother lived in. He pounded on the door until it was opened. Speaking in gasped breaths he said, “Somebody…stole the car.” Daddy Bob rehashed the accounts of the incident that had just occurred. He concluded the account by saying, “I ripped my pants.” 

 Daddy Bob survived this incident with only a ripped pair of pants and an emotional bruise. He is not unfamiliar with facing adversity. I have learned that when we walk a Christian life, challenges will follow. I have watched Daddy Bob endure trial after trail and come through with the favor of God. Over the years, he had been shot in the neck by a carjacker, had to wrestle a knife from an attacker, and watch his wife of 50 years suffer from cancer for three years. 

No matter what battle he faced, Daddy Bob never gave up. At 94 years old his health began to diminish. He continued to drive his car against the better judgment of family. One day a Good Samaritan found him sitting in his car on the side of the road. She was a nurse and asked him a few questions. She soon realized he was disoriented, but was able to get enough information from him to contact my mother. Not long after that incident Daddy Bob was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Dementia.


In 2012, Daddy Bob made his transition from this life, but his living was not in vain. He touched those around him with the same kindness that he received from God.


May you receive the favor that God has for your life.








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