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Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun Friday – What happens when a teen plays hide and seek?

My caption...Okay mom don't look yet, I just cleaned my room.
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Do you remember playing hide and seek as a child? The goal was to find the best hiding spot where no one would think to look for you. My teen still plays hide and seek, only it’s with his clothes.
My son seems to be spilling over with creativity lately. I asked him to clean his room before he could go to a movie with friends. When I inspected the room, everything appeared neat and orderly.
It wasn’t until the next day that I discovered my son had moved items out of his room instead of putting them away. As I was putting away throw blankets in a closet we don’t use every day, I made a discovery. A small heap of clothes that should have been folded and put away, lay dormant in the spot where spare blankets are kept.
I folded the t-shirts and paired the socks the best I could, others I left stray. I tiptoed into my sons’ bedroom while he slept and stuffed the items into random drawers. If the drawers were organized by socks, underwear and t-shirts, I couldn’t tell.
It has been two days since the game of hide and seek that my son didn’t know we were playing. He hasn’t made any indication that he noticed the clothes are back in his room AND put away. I don’t think my son realizes that I’ve been playing hide and seek longer than he has.
What happens when a teen plays hide and seek? He can’t outsmart his mom.
What’s tickling your funny bone today?

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