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Friday, January 9, 2015

Fun Friday – Do you believe in magic?

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Have you heard the names David Copperfield or Harry Houdini? When I asked my teen boys the same question, they responded that they had never heard of these magicians. Although my boys have not heard these names, I know they believe in magic.
I enjoy the entertainment of a good magic show, but I didn’t know I would one day play the role of a magician. It happens every time a container becomes empty in our house. More than once, I’ve watched a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll sit bare. Waiting to be replaced. Do you know what happens? Like magic they are replaced.
As hard as I try not to use my magic and replace empty rolls or throw away empty cereal boxes left on the table, the magic appears. With a twitch of my nose or a sprinkle of fairy dust the replacement happens. It’s difficult to walk past the items and not do something about them.
When I’ve said my teens why they didn’t replace a particular item, the response is, “I was going to do it later.” Later never comes.
Do you believe in magic? What magical episodes have you experienced with your kids lately?

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