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Monday, November 17, 2014

Muffins with Mom – A Holiday request from a teen

Before they were teens....there were still Holiday requests, for some of the same things.

It’s the time of year where people begin to make holiday requests. The bell ringers are in front of stores asking for donations and there’s talk of getting the Angel Tree ready at church. These are small requests in the big scheme of the Holiday season. There’s a feeling of altruism when giving in these instances.
On my home front there was a different type Holiday request made recently. In a phone conversation with my college son we discussed our annual family Christmas dinner. Somehow the conversation led to talking about Christmas gifts.

“Do you want to know what’s on my Christmas list?” my son asked.
“No, why don’t you tell me?

“I want an X-Box – One.”
Can you imagine my next question? “How much does something like that cost? I asked.

“About $350, but I have a $50 gift card you can put with it,” he said.
After pausing briefly I said, “Maybe you’d better go to the mall and give your request to Santa.”

I could hear a chuckle on the other end of the line, but I continued talking, “How about socks for Christmas?” There was more laughter.
“I have enough socks, but thanks mother.”

I noted the sarcasm in his comment, but it was happy sarcasm. Our mother and son conversation ended with a Holiday request from me.
“My request for you is twofold, first I want you to bring home better than average grades. Second, come up with a way to give back during the Holiday season.”

My son agreed to my request. However, there are several weeks left before we find out how this story ends.
In the meantime, enjoy a Strawberry Lemon Muffin (recipe above).
Has your child ever made any special Holiday requests?

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  1. We truly are approaching that season..
    I had a request this morning now you mention it... a play station 4!. I asked exactly what you asked.. how much ??..then it was me laughing :)
    I really like your request to your son..