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Monday, October 27, 2014

Muffins with Mom – Analyze This – Raising observant kids

Making observations
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Do you remember the movie starring Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal called Analyze This and its sequel Analyze That? The movie is a mobster/comedy.  I don’t recall all of the details, but I remember the movies causing me to chuckle. I was reminded of the movie titles when my son approached me with a critique of my attire.
I was dressed for work on a casual Friday when my son eyeballed me and said, “Didn’t you wear that jacket to the gym?”

“Maybe, but I didn’t work out in it,” I said.
“And you had a grey shirt on under it.” He tilted his head and said, “Yep that’s the same shirt you have on again.”

“That was week ago and I do wash my clothes.”

After our unpleasant exchange, my son asked if he could go to the varsity football game after school. I walked over to his bedroom, peeked in and shook my head. My son’s room looked like someone had gone in, pulled all the clothes off his hangers and threw them into the air. Clothes landed in scattered places.

My son again asked, “So, can I go to the game?”

“Not by the hair on my chiny, chin, chin.”
He inspected my chin and responded with, “I guess that’s a definite no.”

My son had managed to analyze my clothing and my chin hairs and come up with his own conclusions. I hope he applies his observation skills to his school work in science class and Analyze That.

What things has your child analyzed that indicate his or her keen sense of observation?


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  1. HAHA!!! Kids these days! Aiden always says things about my outfits and how I style them. He says it's because he wants me to look "cool." LOL.