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Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun Friday – 5 ways to have fun being messy

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When was the last time you got down and dirty with no worries? It doesn’t happen too often for me. However, I’m now beginning to realize the validity in the phrase kids grow up so fast. There’s not much time left before my oldest son heads off to college (he’s already started packing).
Most recently, my teen boys and I participated in a fundraiser called The Color Run.  This was a 5K run that benefitted local charities. We didn’t run in the event, but volunteered to throw colors (colored cornstarch type powder) on the runners.

We ended up covered in colors just as much as the runners. The best part was us hanging out together, we to eat at a local Coney Island after the event. We smiled at others in the restaurant who looked just like us, walking rainbows.


If there’s not a color run event happening in your area, there are other ways to engage in a messy/fun event with your child. Here are 5 ways to have fun being messy with your child…at any age.

1.      Messy Twister – take your traditional Twister game and add pudding, colored Jell-O or jam as you put your left hand on green and your right foot on red.

2.      Slime – create homemade slime, squeeze it, plop it and slime each other.

3.      Food Fight – have you ever told your kids, “don’t play with your food?” Well now you can yell – FOOD FIGHT! Use food of your choice

DISCLAIMER: Play at your own risk, I have not tried this activity.

4.      Water balloon piñata – fill balloons with water then tie them to a string or rope. Find a stick and take a swing. Be sure your players are not near the stick while the person is swing it.

5.      Bubble Wrap Hopscotch – this activity is not as messy as the others, but it looked like fun when I saw photos. Cut squares of bubble large enough for you to hop onto. Write numbers on each square of bubble wrap, line them up and begin your game.

For other messy game/activity ideas check out Pinterest. What would you add to the list of fun messy activities?

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