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Monday, June 30, 2014

Muffins with Mom – A Night at the Improv –when kids say funny things

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Do you like comedy? I am drawn to movies or T.V. shows that revolve around comedy in some way. Since I work early mornings, I don’t always stay awake to watch some of my favorite shows.
The last time I sat down to watch Last Comic Standing, I fell asleep about halfway through the show. I think my fourteen-year old son came into my room, removed my glasses and turned off the T.V. I know what you’re thinking, why don’t I just record the show? Hmm, I could do that. I just don’t.

What I’m learning is that even though I may miss some of my funny shows, there’s humor all around me. Sometimes it’s like A Night at the Improv around my house (endless funny situations). Here are a few situations I have experienced.

When kids think they’re entitled to stuff
My mom gave me money to give to my son, just because she wanted to. I told him he couldn’t have it until I was satisfied that all of his chores were complete. His reply was, “why do you always hold my money hostage? Every time Granny sends me money, you never give it to me right away.”

I did the adult thing….stuck my fingers in my ears and talked in a robot voice, “I –am- not -listening -to -you.”

One day as I was on my knees doing modified push-ups, my son entered the room shouting, “Give me five more.”

I looked at my son and said, “You are not a licensed personal trainer and I am to training for a competition.”

My statement did not deter him as he replied, “I’m trying to motivate you…five more, you can do it.”
I didn’t do any more push-ups, I just stayed on my knees and prayed while I was there.


A day after doing a lot of strengthening exercises, I shared with my son that my legs felt a little stiff after I sat for a while. My son genuinely said, “Your muscles are growing, the muscle tissue is tearing and growing back stronger.”
“No, I think I have arthritis, but that’s a good answer.”

What would a Night at the Improv look like at your house?



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