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Friday, June 27, 2014

Flashback Friday – I remember when…

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Let’s do something different this Friday. We’ll call today Flashback Friday. Complete the statement, “I remember when…” Post a comment about something you remember from your childhood, your younger self, or something that your kids have said or done.
Here are some things from my list of flashbacks – I remember when…

·         Penny candy really only cost a penny.

·         My grandmother had a friend who liked to go out to eat after church. My brother and I did a happy dance on the Sundays we took my grandmother’s friend home because we knew we would have fried chicken.

·         I ran for class president in the fifth grade and I got laryngitis them morning I was supposed to give a speech.

·         The ice cream truck came down our street on hot summer days, every kid on the block begged their parents for money.

·         Most of all I remember my kids putting my parenting skills to the test through various scenarios they seemed to get into. Below are a two of those scenarios:

1995 BC (Before Children)

                1995 BC was a time of leisure, a time of spontaneity, freedom to do anything. Flash forward to 2004 AD (after delivery of two children). Leisure time now means taking a nap in the car during my 7-year old’s football practice. Spontaneity is going shopping for the kids, and deciding to also buy something for myself. Freedom? The day the kids spend the night with granny. I peel rubber away from her house as soon as she agrees to keep the kids. Their little goodbye’s become muffled as my mind races with thoughts of how I will spend my evening.

Who Dressed The Kids?

            Why is it that we don’t notice our kids’ appearance until out in public? The morning is always hurried preparing for work, and school for the children. I sometimes let my 7 year old dress himself. This particular morning the weather called for breezy conditions. I told my son to wear a sweatshirt with a t-shirt underneath in case he got warm later in the day. Little did I know what his ensemble consisted of under his sweat clothes. When I picked him up at the end of the day his outer wear was crumpled in a mass in his backpack. He was left wearing long white shorts that almost reached his knees and a plain Fruit of the Loom t-shirt that almost rose above his belly button. His newly chosen attire would not have been so bad if it had not been for the fact that I needed to run errands.
            Upon walking in to our local Target store, I noticed my four year old had his shoes on the wrong feet. His jeans were also hanging half way off of his butt, revealing his new Power Ranger underwear. Oh, that’s not so bad you say? Well, while I was preoccupied talking to my husband on the cell phone, the boys got pretty creative with some woodchips they found outside. They pretended the woodchips were Power Ranger weapons. They made loud sounds and pointed the pretend weapons at clothes racks, other kids, anything in their view. I tried to remain calm and quickly devise a plan. All I could come up with was to walk a few paces in front of them.

What is your flashback story?


  1. I remember when.. I had no real responsibilities
    I remember when I used to but 1p sweets from the corner shop
    I remember when I'd come back from the fun fair, and my Afro would be filled with dirt
    I remember when I used to climb onto the roof tops of buildings and hang out.. esp with my friend William
    I remember when I could run forever, and not get out of breath..

    I remember alot of things Angela

  2. Thanks Dawna for sharing your memories. Sounds like you had good times.

  3. What a fun post! I remember when Hershey bars cost 25 cents. My dad used to buy my sister and I each one every time we went to the grocery store. Nice memories... :)

  4. Thanks Dana. A 25 cent Hershey bar sounds good right about now...or even a corner of 90 cent Hershey bar (-: