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Monday, May 12, 2014

Muffins with Mom – How does a mom prepare for prom? – 5 things NOT to do

It’s the morning of prom, I awake energetic and happy. It’s not my prom, but my sons that I am preparing for. I’m sure my son could get ready on his own, but being the mom that I am, it’s not going down that way. How does a mom prepare for prom? By making sure her son hasn’t forgotten anything.
Start with a few basic questions…
Do you have the corsage?
Do you have the tickets?
Do you have your wallet, your phone and your license?

“Yes, Ma,” was the response I got.
We were ready, yes I said “we”. I had my purse, my cell phone (with camera) and my car keys. I followed my son to the house where his friends were meeting. When we arrived, there were several other parents there with cameras and phones in hand, ready to capture the occasion.

As parents crowded together to take photos, I thought of things that could have gone wrong in preparation for the prom. Here’s a list of things NOT to do on your child’s prom day:

1.      Don’t knock other parents out of the way while trying to get the best photo of your child and his date.

2.      Don’t follow your child to the next location, and the next, trying to capture every moment.

3.      Don’t lick the tip of your finger, then try to smooth your son’s eyebrows into place.

4.      Don’t ask your child to call or text you throughout the night because it won’t happen and you’ll be frustrated.

5.      Don’t sit up all night waiting to see if your child comes home at the time you indicated; take a nap and set your alarm instead.

One thing you SHOULD do while preparing for prom is encourage your child to enjoy the moment and the memories he/she is creating.

Prom gift keepsake - a glass mug with candy inside
Do you have suggestions for helping a mom prepare for her child’s prom? Do dad’s prepare differently?



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