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Friday, May 9, 2014

Fun Friday - National Bicycle Month – 5 Benefits of bike riding

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When was the last time you went for a bike ride? For me it’s been a long, long, time. As I walked through the house into the garage, I spotted our two bikes leaning against a trash can. The kickstands don’t work properly; otherwise they’re in good condition. There would also be a layer of dust on the bikes if were not for the fact that my boys take them out for a spin pretty often.
Since May is National Bicycle Month this is a good time to take your bike out of hibernation. First you may have to get past roadblocks or excuses for not taking a bike ride. Let’s get the excuses out of the way then focus on the benefits of bike riding.

5 excuses for not taking a bike ride:

1.      The tires are flat on the bike

2.      The bike seat is too small or my butt is too big to fit on the seat

3.      I don’t have time/too much to do

4.      It’s raining or It’s too hot

5.      I don’t think I remember how to ride

Now for the benefits of bike riding:

1.      It’s an activity you can do for the rest of your life

2.      Bike riding gives you a sense of freedom

3.      Offers a chance to explore and get to know the area around you

4.      Reduces stress

5.      It gives you a great workout

Make bicycle month fun by including the whole family; create a set of challenges for the kids. You could have an obstacle course, a bike relay or even set up a bike safety station. If you want to make your challenge really involved, offer a reward to the family member who bikes the most miles in a week.
Now that you’re in the frame of mind of thinking about biking, how about taking a look at a few fun photos (related to biking of course).


How will you celebrate National Bicycle Month?

Happy Friday!


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  1. OOhh didn't know it was national bike month
    Bikes are great.. I don't have one.. but if there we rent so may cars on the roads, maybe i'd ride more often ( haven't been on a bike for years)

    have a great weekend!