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Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun Friday – Funny signs

It’s Friday, time to have a little fun. As I was surfing the internet this week, I came across a few signs that may bring a smile to your face. Enjoy.


Photo credit: www.freeloljokes.com
photo credit: www.sharenater.com

photo credit:  www.photobucket.com

photo credit: www.funnysigns.net

photo credit: www.dribbleglass.com

What are you plans for the weekend?


  1. Fun! This weekend I have too much to do and no idea how I'll get it all done. Yikes! I hope your weekend is a good one. ☺

  2. Dana...take it one project at a time (-:
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Those are so funny! Why in the world is money wasted on a sign warning you of the dangers of the sign?

  4. Yes Sherry, my sentiments exactly (-:

  5. Funny signs!
    This weekend is a lay-back one! Have some "me" time.