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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Words of Wisdom - Motivation- Nothing will change unless you change

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Susanna Leonard Hill's 7th Annual Holiday Contest

Photo Credit: Brantford Mayor Chris Friel

Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting, yet another writing contest. The 7th Annual Holiday Contest is underway. This story has to be 250 words (or less) and must center on the theme – A Holiday Surprise. Thanks for stopping by to check out my story (245 words).

The Christmas Moosical Mix-up

Clomping through the deep dark woods was a tall figure with knocky, knobby knees. Melvin Moose was no ordinary moose. He was a show moose. He liked to show off.

Most of all, Melvin wanted a starring role in the Christmas pageant. There was one wooly thing standing in his way.

“Baaaa, auditions for the paaageant will begin soon,” said sheep. Sheep was the star of the show last year. This year she was in charge of auditions.  

Melvin clip-clopped to the stage for his audition. The other animals watched.
He danced, but not very well.

He sang – Huuuuuu, ga-wunk, ga-wunk. Singing was not his speciality.

He even tried reciting a poem. “T'was the flight before Christmas…um, fright before Christmas.” He forgot the words.

“Come baaack tomorrow for one more audition,” sheep announced to the crowd.

Melvin knew sheep was upset, her wool looked like balls of yarn. It was not her best look.

Melvin clip-clopped back to the open forest and practiced his talent. He danced on his toes. His singing was thunderous. He recited story to the forest animals.

The next day, Melvin Moose trip-tropped to the stage with his antlers held high and recited a story. “Baa, black sheep, have you any wool?”

Next Melvin tapped his hooves and shook his rump. He baaaed out a Christmas song.

Sheep joined in, “Huuuuuu, ga-wunk, ga-wunk.”

Melvin and Sheep clapped hooves and took a bow.

Melvin said, “Next year, I will run the paaageant.”

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

Muffins with Mom – Snatches of conversation that inspire

photo credit: Growth Coaching

Have you ever overheard bits and pieces of a conversation and thought hmm, that’s interesting. Perhaps you’ve read a word or phrase that you applied to your life. It is those snatches of conversation or words from a good book or article that can provide inspiration.

Here are five words or phrases that stood out to me recently. Think about how these things may relate to you at this moment.

·         Abundance
·         Strength
·         Doors of opportunity
·         Unique moments in your life
·         Imagine the life you want to live

This is how I would tie these phrases together. I am abundantly blessed. God is my strength. I welcome the opening of doors of opportunity. Unique moments in my life occur when I least expect them. These moments have occurred through opportunities others presented to me.

Your challenge today is to ponder the above phrases and words. How can you use these items as springboards for something you’re seeking at this moment?

Have you heard any snatches of conversation that prompted you to take positive action?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fun Friday – 5 Things you don’t need for successful parenting

Photo Credit: Leading Edge Parenting

Today my son makes his transition to adulthood, a milestone birthday. Will he awake as a mature young adult? Will I all of a sudden feel like a successful parent? This led me to reflect on my parenting journey. Today's blog post is one from a few years ago, but worth repeating.

Do you sometimes feel like you have to be Wonder Woman or Superman in order to be a successful parent? Guess what? You don’t need a magic lasso, nor a blue and red suit with a cape, in order to be a successful parent.

You may have already discovered that your child will provide you with have many opportunities to test your parenting skills. For instance, I’m learning to remain calm in challenging situations. I’ve discovered that I don’t always have to yell and scream to get my teen son to do something. Instead I can send him a simple text…in all capital letters, “PLEASE CLEAN YOUR ROOM NOW.”

You probably have an arsenal of things in your parenting tool box to aid you in successful parenting. Just for fun here’s a list of things you DON’T need for successful parenting.

1.      Perfection – don’t think you have to be the perfect parent. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Ask for help and don’t feel guilty for asking.

2.      Six figure income – A job that pays well is always helpful in child rearing, but quality time with your child is even better. Don’t cause yourself undue stress if you can’t buy your child everything he wants. It’s also ok if she doesn’t sign up for every dance class or sports activity.

3.      You don’t have to neglect yourself – you have to take care of yourself in order to have the energy to take care of your child. In the midst of a hectic schedule, be sure to schedule “me time.”

4.      You don’t need to always make your child happy – an article at forbes.com encourages parents to role model hard work and allow children to experience disappointment. “Strive to raise responsible children who will grow to become responsible adults.”

5.      Don’t be afraid to show love and affection – give your child lots of hugs and kisses.
Here’s a bonus “don’t” - Don’t give up when you’re feeling overwhelmed, your breakthrough is on the way.

What would you add to the list of things you don’t need for successful parenting?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Muffins with Mom - And the winner is...

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You…are…a winner. Miss Universe, Oscar winners and Soul Train awards, all announced their winners. It’s your turn. Go through your day as though you are a winner. Be willing to do the things others won’t in order to succeed.

Take the road less traveled and create a path.

The winner is….


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