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Monday, February 13, 2017

The 2nd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest!

Sponsored by Susanna Leonard Hill
For the contest, this children’s story must be 214 words or less and include a character who is confused. Thanks Susanna for this opportunity.

Valentine Porchetta
213 words

Pork Chop was a plump pig who loved picnics.

Mr. Fox invited her to a Porchetta for Valentine’s Day. It was the biggest pig roast celebration of the year.

Pork Chop snorted her snout and squealed with delight. Only two days to decide what to cook.

“What should I bring to the picnic?” Pork Chop asked Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox was a sly rascal. He smacked his lips at the thought of a juicy chop.

“Bring something yummy.”

Pork Chop trotted home to prepare her favorite picnic foods.

The next day she met Mr. Fox under the sycamore tree with a plate of piping hot pigs in a blanket.

Mr. Fox stuck his claw into one of the wieners, “Mmmmmm, delightful, but how about something bigger?”

Back in her kitchen, Pork Chop, stirred, mixed and baked. She met Mr. Fox at the Porchetta. The grill was sizzling.

 “We’ll I’ll be hog tied,” said Pork Chop. “You invited me to your pig roast to make me the main course.”

Mr. Fox inched closer to Pork Chop, but she put her hoofs in the air.

“I have the swine flu, you can’t eat me. Try this.”

Pork Chop shoved a giant, gooey heart shaped cookie into Mr. Fox’s paws.”
It was love at first bite.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Fun Friday – 7 Ways to have a kid friendly Super Bowl party

photo credit: Pinterest

The other day I stayed late at work. My teen son sent me a text that read, “Don’t forget to come home, I’m hungry.” He sent this plea to encourage me to go straight home and not stop to run errands. My son has consistently ignored my plea to take the initiative on preparing an occasional meal.

One solution we agreed upon to help my son with his cooking sessions is to have him prepare a meal for Super bowl Sunday. We also decided to include his meal as part of a Super bowl party. Here are a couple of his ideas are:

·         Make a football shaped pizza – we found a sample on the internet where pepperoni was placed in a football shape in the center of the pizza.

·         Make football shaped cookies – roll out some cookie dough and use football shaped cookie cutters.
If you’re thinking of having a Super Bowl party, make it kid friendly and add some of the activities below.


·         Face paint – let your child paint his face in the colors of her team.

·         Origami flick football – make a paper origami football.

·         Football necklace – use construction, cardstock or foam board to make football shaped necklaces. You’ll need yarn and a hole-punch to necklaces.


·         Crab football – use a cushy football, carry/toss it using your neck, knees or armpit. Walk like a crab to get the ball into your opponent’s end zone.

·         Sunday Sundaes – create an ice cream sundae bar with your favorite ice cream flavor and toppings.


Do a celebration dance if your team wins.
What are your suggestions for hosting a kid friendly super bowl party?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Muffins with Mom – Photo Day

Photo Credit: Grace Home School Association

It’s senior year for my son and the days are starting to fly by. I received a reminder email from his school before Christmas break that read, “If you want your child’s photo in the yearbook, photos must be taken by January 7th.”

We scheduled the appointment with days to spare. I instructed my son to think about what he wanted to wear for the photos. The studio said to wear/bring a dress-up outfit, it was a requirement from the school.

The morning of the photo appointment I asked my son if he had selected something to wear. His response was, “something like that.”

I left to take care of errands. When I returned hours later, my son was asleep and it was almost time to leave for his appointment. I leaped into panic overdrive. Here’s how my son said the situation evolved.

“Get up and get ready, just put anything on.”

Once he was dressed, he claimed I said, “Don’t wear that it doesn’t look right. Make sure you have a belt on. What shoes are you going to wear? Hurry up it’s 1:59, we have to leave at 2:00.”

I don’t remember saying any of that, but I was frazzled. My son had all morning to get prepared and I wanted to be on time. We arrived in the nick of time. The photographer invited me into the room while she took the photos. I watched from my chair in the back of the room as the photographer positioned my son for different poses.

“Tilt your chin down and give me a smile,” she said.

I felt myself smiling from my spot in the background, but my son barely curved his lips. The photo shoot ended and we headed home, more relaxed. We were both glad photo day was behind us.

We received the photo proofs in the mail a couple of weeks later. The photos looked great, no signs of the frazzled day of preparation.

Do you have a photo day story to share?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Feel Good Friday – I’ve Found Today – a poem of encouragement

Photo Credit: POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing

I’ve shut the door on yesterday,
It’s sorrows and mistakes;
I’ve locked within its gloomy walls
Past failures and heartaches.
And now I throw the key away
To seek another room,
And furnish it with hope and smiles
And every springtime bloom.

No thought shall enter this abode
That has a hint of pain,
And worry, malice and distrust
Shall never therein reign
I’ve shut the door on Yesterday
And thrown the key away—
The future holds no doubt for me,
Since I have found Today.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wordless Wednesday – National Chocolate Cake Day – 3 ways to celebrate

Oh how I love chocolate, let me count the ways. Are you a chocaholic, connoisseur of chocolate, or just love the taste of chocolate on your palate? Embrace your love of chocolate on National Chocolate Cake day, celebrated January 27th. Below are three ways to celebrate.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Muffins with Mom – The language barrier

photo credit: Australian Catholic University

My teen son speaks a second language fluently, it’s called gibberish, or nonsense. It has occurred to me that whenever my son is asked to do something that he doesn’t want to do, he launches into his created language.

The other day after dinner, I told me son I needed him to wash the dishes. His response was, “I don’t understand your language.”

Fortunately for my son, when I reminded him that he would need gas money, the language barrier momentarily subsided. He said, “I need to study for my final exam first.” I think my son is studying to be a negotiator.

“Okay, go ahead and study first, but then I need you to take out the trash, fold your clothes and work on college plans.”

The language barrier returned, “Idon’tunderstandyourlanguage.”

Teens understand and hear what they want, at a time that is convenient for them. My son eventually completed the things that were asked of him, then returned to me saying, “Ma, can I have that gas money now?”

I looked at him with a glazed look in my eyes and said, “I don’t understand your language.”

Have you ever experienced a language barrier with your child?