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Friday, February 3, 2017

Fun Friday – 7 Ways to have a kid friendly Super Bowl party

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The other day I stayed late at work. My teen son sent me a text that read, “Don’t forget to come home, I’m hungry.” He sent this plea to encourage me to go straight home and not stop to run errands. My son has consistently ignored my plea to take the initiative on preparing an occasional meal.

One solution we agreed upon to help my son with his cooking sessions is to have him prepare a meal for Super bowl Sunday. We also decided to include his meal as part of a Super bowl party. Here are a couple of his ideas are:

·         Make a football shaped pizza – we found a sample on the internet where pepperoni was placed in a football shape in the center of the pizza.

·         Make football shaped cookies – roll out some cookie dough and use football shaped cookie cutters.
If you’re thinking of having a Super Bowl party, make it kid friendly and add some of the activities below.


·         Face paint – let your child paint his face in the colors of her team.

·         Origami flick football – make a paper origami football.

·         Football necklace – use construction, cardstock or foam board to make football shaped necklaces. You’ll need yarn and a hole-punch to necklaces.


·         Crab football – use a cushy football, carry/toss it using your neck, knees or armpit. Walk like a crab to get the ball into your opponent’s end zone.

·         Sunday Sundaes – create an ice cream sundae bar with your favorite ice cream flavor and toppings.


Do a celebration dance if your team wins.
What are your suggestions for hosting a kid friendly super bowl party?

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