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Friday, September 2, 2016

Fun Friday – What do you do when bees take over your space?

My cell phone rang to the beat of Japanese chimes as I sat at my desk at work checking email messages. I had just begun my work day when my teen son’s picture flashed onto my phone screen. I swiped across the screen.

“You’re up early,” I said.

“Yeah, I was in your room watching T.V. I heard a noise and looked up and saw a group of bees.”

“What do you mean bees?” I had hoped that I misunderstood what he said.

“You know, the insects that buzz around in the air.”

“What did you do? I asked.

“I ran out of your room and closed the door. I hope the bees stay trapped in there.”

I searched for an exterminator, found one, and scheduled a time for him to go to my house. My son asked me if I was coming home. “No, you can handle it,” I told him. What I was really thinking was, I’m not going home with those bees.

The exterminator arrived at 1:00pm as scheduled and took care of business. My son called me at 1:15pm and said the exterminator was done and the bill was $200.


I told my son, “Don’t let him leave. Invite him for coffee, we need to get to know him a little better for $200.”

My son let the exterminator leave. By the time I arrived home the only trace that the exterminator had been there were the dead bees in my window sill and on the floor. I chose to relocate to another room for the night rather than take a chance that there would be buzzing above my head.

What would you do if bees took over your living space?

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