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Monday, November 9, 2015

Muffins with Mom – Hoodwinked

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I’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled and hornswoggled. I’m not referring to the animated movie Hoodwinked, but all references lead to my teen son and his shenanigans. Has your child ever led you to believe one thing, only for you to discover something different? Here’s what I’m talking about…
My son has been pulling the wool over my eyes. He can accomplish more than I thought he could. I made this discovery on two recent occasions. The other day, I left the house before my son awoke for school. I called him at 7am to make sure he was up, his answer was “I already left the house.”
Now that my son is driving, he can get himself to school and not have leave early to ride the bus. However, this was a non-typical day…he was already out of the house by 7am. Amazing. So, my next question was, “Why did you leave so early?”
“I wanted to stop by the store.”
This is my child that I have to pull from a comatose like sleep to get him out the door for school, but he can rise early to go to the store. Hoodwinked!
Parent teacher conferences were held a couple weeks ago and that was the second time I was hornswoggled. My son’s grades were remarkable. They were the best he’s had so far in his high school history. And he accomplished this during football season. This leads me to believe that he’s been holding out on his abilities. Bamboozled and hornswoggled.
Now that my son has allowed me to peek through his window of abilities, I will have to raise the expectation bar a little higher.
Has your child ever displayed less than his potential? What did you do?


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