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Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun Friday – What could possibly go wrong at a fast food restroom?

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A lot of people don’t like to use public restrooms, at least according to a survey of several of my friends, this was the consensus. My point of view is, if you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go. Just proceed with caution. What could possible go wrong at a public restroom?
The sun beamed through the sunroof of my car as I drove my mom to visit a friend. We decided to stop at a local restaurant chain near our old neighborhood, mom wanted a coffee. While she ordered, I went to the restroom.
As I walked up to the restroom, I noticed a plated sign near the door with the inscription, “This restroom locked, stop at front counter for key.” I stood dumfounded, starring at the sign trying to decide what to do. I understood what the sign meant, but I wasn’t used to a restroom being locked at a fast food restaurant.
A gentleman sitting nearby must have interpreted the look on my face, he said, “Just push it hard, it’s unlocked.” I gave the door a little push, but it didn’t open. Then I put my shoulder against the door and gave a firm push. The door opened. I guess one had to be a frequent visitor to that establishment to know the trick to entering the restroom.
This was one time my workout regime came in handy. I used my muscle to enter a public restroom that many would have avoided.
It seems, I wasn’t the only person to have an episode at a fast food restaurant. My friend told me about her recent visit to a local…um, establishment. My friend had been out running errands, by the time she reached the restaurant she had to use the restroom really bad. She rushed into the restroom, practically running as she entered the handicapped stall.
It was only moments before the restroom door opened and another customer entered. Through the space of the stall door, my friend could see the back of the gentleman at the urinal. The urinal she hadn’t noticed when she entered the men’s restroom. My friend flushed the toilet and bolted from the restroom before she could be seen.
Feeling a bit traumatized, my friend didn’t stop to wash her hands (eeeek). She borrowed hand sanitizer from another friend who was waiting for her in line at the restaurant. My friend’s only thought was of getting out of the restaurant without the man from the restroom recognizing her by the shoes she wore.
Have you ever had anything go wrong at a public restroom?

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