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Monday, August 10, 2015

Muffins with Mom – Relaxation Day – 7 ways to celebrate

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Did you know that there is a day of the year set aside for relaxing? National Relaxation Day is celebrated on August 15th. My teens obviously began celebrating this day long before I heard about it. In fact, I think they celebrate weekly.
If I ask one of my boys to do something while they’re watching TV or playing a video game, they respond with, “Ma, I’m trying to relax.” No worries. When its dinner time and I’m asked what’s for dinner. I respond with, “I’m sorry I didn’t cook yet. I needed to relax.”
Is there any among us who could benefit from a relaxed day? How would you choose to relax? Below are 7 ways to get you started on your day of relaxation.
1.      Try Yoga – start your morning stretches that help relax tense muscles.

2.      Take a day off from technology – log off social media, power down your laptop and reacquaint yourself with silence for one day.

3.      Have a picnic at a park – take advantage of the warm days of summer and venture out to a local park and take a picnic meal with you.

4.      Watch a movie – watch something funny or a favorite movie that will take your mind off any worries.

5.      Read – read something inspirational. Here’s another opportunity to head out to a park, find a quiet spot under a tree and take your mind off reality for a while.

6.      Take a bubble bath – absorb yourself in bubbles and listen to relaxing music.

7.      Eat an ice cream cone and don’t worry about the calories.
It you want more ideas check out the article at The Huffing Post. The article guides you through an ultimate day of relaxation hour by hour.
Now that you know a National Day of Relaxation exists, how will you celebrate?


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