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Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun Friday – 7 Ways to celebrate National Book Lover’s Day

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Are you a lover of the written word? Get ready, get ready, get ready, it’s almost National Book Lover’s Day. You still have time to prepare for this national day which is celebrated on August 9th.  This is a great time to get lost in a book.
Celebrate Book Lover’s Day with one of the ideas below.
1.      Read to a young child (and make all the voices of the characters) – relive the child in you; act out a character, act silly and laugh a lot.

2.      Host a book lover’s party – do you have friends who also love to read? Invite them over for smoothies, snacks and book related trivia.

3.      Give  a book to someone as a gift

4.      Read a book by an author new to you – you could also try reading a book in a genre that you wouldn’t normally read. If you like romance novels, try reading a mystery with a touch of romance.

5.      Support a local bookstore

6.      Revisit a favorite book – is there a book by your favorite author that you haven’t

7.      Visit your local library
If you like to read, but you’re not sure that you would call yourself a book lover, check out the sure signs of a book lover below.
1.      You pull a book out of your purse and start reading while standing in a checkout line.

2.      You drag in tired for work because you stayed awake late the night before trying to finish the book you’re reading.

3.      You visit relatives for the Holiday, after dinner when everyone is sharing stories, you pull out a book.

4.      While at your child’s sporting event, you read a book between quarters and during timeouts.

5.      You talk to a friend about the characters in your book as though they are real people.

6.      When you receive a gift card to a bookstore, you jump up and down as if you’d just won a lottery.

7.      The staff at your local library know you by name.
Do you have suggestions for celebrating National Book Lover’s Day? No matter how many ways you decide to celebrate this literary occasion, be sure to kick back and relax with a good book.

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