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Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun Friday - 5 Signs that football season is near

It’s the second week of two-a-days. For my son this means two football practices a day for two weeks. For me this means adding to the grocery list, organizing drop-off/pick up at practice time and additional loads of laundry.
When my son is a part of a team…I am part of the team. He suits up, so do I.  My son puts on his girdle, I put on my girdle. We both head to the field wearing the school colors. It is officially high school football season.
Do you have a child who plays sports? What are indicators that the season is upon you? Below are 5 signs that high school football is near.
1.     You receive reminders about the deadline for sports physicals.

2.      You have to sell discount coupon cards.

3.     Your son show you pictures of all the latest (expensive) cleats.

4.     You’re riding around with a stadium chair in the trunk of your car.

5.     You receive emails asking you to volunteer.
Once you have recognized the signs that your season is changing, you prepare accordingly. Just as you dress differently from fall to winter, you must also adjust your schedule from one sport or activity to the next for your child. For our household, this means Friday nights will revolve around football games.
It’s not all bad being a sports parent. It can be a time for socializing with other parents and building relationships. You just have to remember to watch the game too because your child will ask you, “Did you see my play?”
Is your child involved in activities outside of school? What are the indicators that it’s time to begin a new season or session?

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